What To Look For In A Police Car Auction
29.02.2016 07:23

The officer explained that a neighbor had seen two boys trying to break into a car and called the police. The matter was resolved quickly and I thanked him for his time and effort. I later discovered that my elderly neighbor across the street called the police. She did not see well and was worried that someone was stealing my car.

Zsa Zsa Gabor - We got a call to her house and got to meet Zsa Zsa in person. I think that she had been drinking, or maybe that was just the way she was. I told my partner to be careful since she had assaulted the police officer before in Beverly Hills. I didn't want any trouble. We handled the call and she seemed happy with what we had done. I was happy to get out of her mansion, as I was not looking forward to becoming a celebrity myself if she would have slapped me... Although I probably deserve to get slapped every once in a while.

After the firestorm which erupted over his incredibly ignorant remark, Obama has phoned Sgt. Crowley and invited him to the White House. However, those are merely scripted moves, designed to lessen the damage to his poll numbers.

Mr. Garcia actually gets brain damage from this hit. In a sad but not surprising result, Garcia is charged with assaulting an officer. Well, which he did of course. It was very illegal for Garcia to hit the cop's elbow with the back of his head like that.

With so many unfortunate (or lazy) people seeking employment (meaning, technically, that they seek to be used), I bet the competition for those positions is fierce. I wonder what you have to do to get in... I guess you just have to be willing to do what the current occupiers are doing for free. Can you defecate in public, preferably on a CarShield (this actually happened)? Can you yell anti-Semitic slurs (happened several times)? Willing to have sex with strangers under a tarp (happened)? Buy and sell illegal drugs (happened a lot)? Are you willing to throw bottles and garbage at cops, run around with your private parts hanging out, and butcher good folk music on a cheap guitar you never had the discipline to learn to play (happened, happened, and happened way too much)?

Research how much the insurance will be on your new vehicle. It's easy to overlook this key factor. You may find a great deal on the vehicle itself but if the insurance is outside of your budget that it's not a deal at all. This is actually how a lot of people run into financial troubles with their automobiles. Get several insurance quotes before you purchase.

Gene Simmons - I responded to a radio call at the home of Gene Simmons. It is the same mansion that he is still in and was featured on his television show, Family Jewels. While we were there, the pizza delivery guy showed up. Usually, one person delivers the pizza. But when a pizza is delivered to his house, it is always two people (this time, it was a guy and a girl). Both dressed in black, and obvious fans. Gene snidely said that whenever he gets deliveries, they always bring a friend. I thought that it was pretty funny, but it seemed like he was a little annoyed by it. He signed for the pizza and off they went, giggling.

Second, she was punished even though there is no actual picture, because once again, she had erased it. Third, they took the girl away in handcuffs, which is an incredibly stupid policy. Yes, child pornography is a problem but I don't think this is what the public and legislators had in mind when creating these laws. I don't know if the 12 year old girl has to register for life as a sex offender, but I wouldn't be all that surprised.


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